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  • baby's skin needs special care "Topfer Organic Babycare"
    A baby experiences its first sensations through its skin. It forms the connection between the inner and outer worlds and is baby's most important organ for sensing its environment. Baby care encompasses therefore much more than simple cleansing - it creates warmth, affection and trust. Mothers enjoy caring for their babies as this is a time full of love for both of them! the skin provides protection, serves as temperature control mechanism and as a means of sensing the environment. However, a newborn's skin has not yet fully matured and is still developing all of its protective functions. A newborn baby's skin is 5 times thinner and much more permeable than that of an adult. As so-called skin barrier, a natural self-protection mechanism has not yet fully developed even healthy baby skin has a tendency to dryness and skin irritations. It is therefore more sensitive to harmful external factors and loses moisture more quickly, too. Pure water alone is not sufficient for care and cleansing. This has recently been confirmed by scientific research into the washing and care of babies. Maintaining the skin's natural barrier mechanism is the most important task of baby care. Ensuring that skin is effectively protected and that products can be easily tolareted play key roles. Care products comprising organic and natural plant oils and active ingredients that moisturize, replenish lipids and prevent inflammation have stood the test of time. In addition, they have to be easily tolarated thereby minimizing the risk of allergies. For modern baby care it is therefore essential to develop products that: - Actively maintain the skin barrier - Promote the skin's self-protection mechanism - Minimize the risk of allergies - Contain natural active ingredients