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Kidsme Food feeder


The kidsme Food Feeder allows your baby to proactively self-feed. Babies can hold it by themselves and start self-feeding with fresh food. The Food Feeder features a large, flexible silicone sac to satisfy babies’ growing appetite. It’s an ideal solution for babies to taste fresh solid food earlier and safely. With the kidsme Food Feeder, babies’ mealtimes can be a positive and enjoyable experience.


How to use

  1. Insert the silicone sac to the ring and pull on the sac until you hear the “pop” sound which indicates secure sealing
  2. Process the food into slices or pieces
  3. Use a spoon to fill the sac with diced or minced food
  4. Close the feeder and secure the snap lock for baby to enjoy fresh, nutritious food
  5. Always check food temperature before feeding children
  6. Discard the leftovers after use

Available colours: Lavender, Aquamarine, Lime and Red passion