Our Products< Alete Bio Carrots, Potatoes and Beef - 190gr.

Alete Bio Carrots, Potatoes and Beef - 190gr.


From 4 - 6 months, meat and vegetable meals are added to baby’s menu. Meat is important because it is rich in protein and the best source of natural iron, which plays a very important part in blood formation. Our Alete extra health bonus: all Alete menus from 4 months contain highq uality organic rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil supplies your baby with natural omega-3-fatty acids which are essential for the healthy development and growth of brain- and nerve cells.

Our Alete meat preparations, consisting of just few, very carefully selected ingredients are perfectly suitable for low-allergen nutrition. Combining Alete Vegetables (app. 100g) and half a jar of Alete meat preparations make a perfect baby menu.

- Low in allergens: made of few ingredients, without any added dairy products, gluten-free

- Rich in natural beta-carotene (provitamin A)

- No added salt1, aromas, sugar1, colouring agents*, thickening agents2, preservatives*

- With Omega-3 fatty acids: Organic rapeseed oil inherently

- Contains valuable Omega-3, which is essential for brain and nerve cells

- Regulates stool function

- GMO-free**

- Ingredients gently cooked with steam

- Finely strained                  

 *As required by law