Our Products< Alete Bio Carrots and Potatoes - 125 gr.

Alete Bio Carrots and Potatoes - 125 gr.


A Suitable Nutrition is essential for a healthy development of your child:
To ensure a healthy growth and an optimal physical and mental development, to support the development of a strong immune system, and to protect your baby against nutrition deficiency the right choice of food should be made. Also, the very fast development of your child and the connected varying demand for nutritional substances, such as vitamins and minerals, during the different stages need to be taken into account.
Therefore, Alete products are particularly adapted to the special nutritional needs of babies and toddlers. Our products provide your child with many important minerals and vitamins, which are of especially high demand during this adventurous time.
Alete products are tasty and healthy and as we do not use ingredients you would not use yourself, they are just like homemade.

- selected mild vegetables only

- finely pureed

- taste adapted to baby requirements

- NO added Salt

- NO added Sugar

- NO Flavors, Coloring, and Preservatives

- gently steamed

- quantities suitable for babies in small jars of 125 gr.