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  • baby's skin needs special care "Topfer Organic Babycare"
    A baby experiences its first sensations through its skin. It forms the connection between the inner and outer worlds and is baby's most important organ for sensing its environment. Baby... continue
  • Eat Fresh Grow Up Healthy
    What should your baby eat first? Bananas: these are available year-round and packed with vitamins and minerals. Use sweets, ripe bananas for best results. Pears: High in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C,... continue
  • The gastro-intestinal tract
    Our gastrointestinal tract, and specially the intestine, is colonized by billions of micro-organisms that make up the so-called intestinal flora. The functions of the intestinal flora: The balance and well-being of the... continue
  • Le developpement de bebe
    Entre 0 et 6 mois Développement psychomoteur Dès sa naissance, le bébé possède certains reflexes, notamment le besoin de succion et le reflexe de grasping. La succion est un besoin... continue
  • Breast is best!
    Although it's considered the most natural thing in the world, breastfeeding can take a little time to perfect – that's why we created our breastfeeding guide, with advice on successful... continue
  • Guide to breastmilk nutrition
    Your breast milk and its nutrition is unique to you and your baby and designed to support them from their very first hours. With complex carbohydrates, proteins, LCPs (long chain... continue
  • Moving on to solids
    A growing appetite Milk has provided them with all the nutrition they need up until now. But your baby’s development will call for more than this over the coming months. As... continue