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Propolis Oligomir Syrup


For the relief of sore throat and upper respiratory tract.

Syrup with a pleasant aromatic taste, rich in E.P.I.D.® propolis, with natural Myrtle and Blackcurrant extracts, characterized by its effective balsamic action. No colouring or artificial flavourings added.

Suitable for pregnant women and babies, you should ask your doctor for advice.

Propolis Epid Flu Junior Syrup


Dietary supplement aids the body’s natural organic defenses

EPID® Flu Junior Syrup is made from Acerola juice C and Echinacea extract, which help bring relief and well-being to the throat and the upper respiratory tract. Rich in Vitamin C, a molecule that has various beneficial effects on the body, Specchiasol’s Flu Junior Syrup is specially formulated to be ideal for children, since it is made with Eucalyptus honey, and contains no alcohol, preservatives or colouring.

suitable for pregnant women and babies, you should ask your doctor for advice.




The innovative probiotic, with 25 billions of live culture and prebiotics food supplement based on living lactic ferments, hydrophilic vitamins and alfa-glucooligosaccharides, mineral salts and plant extracts. To help balance the intestinal flora and the well-being of the organism.

The lactic ferments are a helpful support for the gut system, particularly after a period of high physical stress or after an antibiotic therapy.


The role of the live cultures is to restore the balance of the damaged intestinal flora and to give more energy and functionality for a regular metabolism activity.

Integration with lactic acid bacteria: when it is recommended?

  • During and after treatment with antibiotics;
  • In the presence of gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, travelers’ diarrhea, delicate intestine, intestinal gas, indigestion, halitosis, food intolerance disorders (especially intolerance to lactose);
  • Alteration of the intestinal micro-flora due to an unbalanced diet;
  • To promote urinary tract health;
  • To support the physiological immune system

Ferzym Nocist


The simbiotic in mouth dissolving powder packets formulated using typed and stables lactic bacteria with Dual Coated® technology, useful to promote the balance of the intestinal flora. It contains 4 billion lactic bacteria (4 specific strains), short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (specific plant fibres), Cranberry d.e. and Vitamin C.

Cranberry: a natural remedy against cystitis.

the cranberry contains flavonoids, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. These last are able to bind certain bacteria "Escherichia coli" responsible for cystitis, and prevent them to adhere to cells of the bladder and cause infections. Not receiving anchor, these bacteria are then eliminated naturally by natural means.
Other research have shown the effectiveness of cranberry, a fight against kidney stones.

Ferzym plus


For the balance of the intestinal flora.

NEW FERZYM PLUS is a lactic bacteria food supplements with vitamins, Royal Jelly, vegetable fibres and Carrot. Lactic bacteria promote the balance of the intestinal flora, often affected by antibiotic treatments and/or by an unbalanced diet.

instruction for use: 1-2 capsules a day, preferably without food.