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Kidsme My 1st tooth brush


As of 6 months

Good oral hygiene begins at birth. Pediatric dentists recommended cleaning your baby’s gums – even before the first tooth appears with a soft infant toothbrush. Cleaning teeth and gums properly with a baby toothbrush set helps remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay.


  • Massage Toothbrush –for gentle cleaning and massaging new born babies teeth and gums
  • The First Toothbrush –get babies to enjoy imitating tooth brushing

Available colours: Pink & Purple and Bleu &Green

Kidsme Suction bowl


No more slides or spills, the kidsme Suction Bowl with Ideal Temperature Feeding Spoon Set is designed to stay put during mealtimes, so both adults and kids can focus on enjoying the food without it going anywhere. The Suction Bowl Set’s secure lid features a locked-in Ideal Temperature Feeding Spoon. It has a colour indicator making it easy to tell when food is at a safe temperature. The lid keeps food sealed so it’s also perfect for use on-the-go.

Available colours: Pink, Aquamarine and Lime


  1. Clean both the suction base and table before use.
  2. Press gently to suction the bowl onto the table.
  3. To remove the bowl, lift the quick release tab.

Kidsme Food grinder


The kidsme Food Grinder is specially designed to grind fresh food into smaller pieces when preparing food for babies. It aids in food preparation in accordance with your baby’s age and eating abilities. It is an ideal tool for making smooth purees for babies. It can easily grind fruits and cooked vegetables.

How to use

  1. Remove handle and safety blade (Turn slightly anti-clockwise to remove from the cutouts)
  2. Slide the bowl section upward to create an interior chamber for food storage
  3. Once interior chamber is filled with food, attach safety blade and handle
  4. Fix the handle and safety blade into the notch and adjust the rotating handle to an appropriate position (The screw on the handle can be used to adjust tightness so as to control the food thickness)
  1. Hold the Grinder with one hand, and begin pressing downward while rotating clockwise with your other hand until all food has been ground
  2. After grinding the food, place the food in the bowl
  3. Clean all parts after use when all parts are disassembled

Available colours: Aquamarine, Pink and Lime

Kidsme Nasal aspirator soft tip nozzle


kidsme Nasal Aspirator Soft Tip Nozzle with a soft and flexible silicone tip is designed-specially to keep your baby nasal cavity clear. With round shaped nozzle tip, it protects your baby’s mucosa and gently removes your baby’s excess mucus. Thus, your baby breathes easier.

Kidsme Medicine dropper and beaker set


kidsme Medicine Dropper and Beaker set is prepared for get your baby back to health. Featuring a medicine dropper to accurately measure medicine doses and conveniently dispense medicine. It is travel-friendly as it comes with a non-spill cap. With a medicine beaker, you can dose the medicine accurately and ready to let your drink the medicine.