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We set the highest standards for each of our products and guarantee first-class quality. Only when a product has fulfilled the most stringent quality standards may it bear the name TOPFER.

This begins already with the raw materials. Independent institutes regularly control all our suppliers that are organically certified in order to ensure that the specifications are scrupulously observed.

We continue this stringent control process in our own laboratories, from the raw materials right up to the finished product. Last but not least, the quality management at TOPFER is certified according to the international Featuring Standard for Food (IFS).

Tea for nursing mothers

• The easily digestible nursing tea ensures relaxed breastfeeding.

  • All Topfer teas are made of carefully selected natural herbal extract, natural frit powder from for instance rosehip, lemon, apple and orange and other ingredients which are all thoroughly controlled, analyzed and gently processed into high quality products.

  • The instant teas are well tolerated and help to cover the fluid requirements in a natural and healthy way.

INSTANT TEA for Nursing mothers

  1. No artificial flavours
  2. No dye stuffs
  3. No preservatives
  4. Gluten-free

Your milk is what is best for your baby.

  • To accompany you in this fabulous adventure, drink a cup or two of Tea for Nursing Mothers each day, whenever and wherever you want it.

  • The well-balanced mixture of natural herbs (caraway and anise) stimulates the production of milk and has a positive effect on the digestive process.
    The pleasant taste of this tea makes it easy for nursing mothers to drink sufficient fluids which is particularly important when breastfeeding.

  • All ingredients are specially chosen to give a balanced and soothing tea for nursing mothers

In my “Tea for Nursing Mothers”, there is: • Caraway and Anise to naturally foster your


• The nettle ingredients in the tea also help to improve the absorption of iron in the blood. All ingredients are specially chosen to give a balanced and soothing tea for nursing mothers.