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TOPFER Organic shampoo


For mild hair wash

• Cleanses gently and is mild to the eyes – PH skin- neutral. Ideal for sensitive scalp of babies and adults.

• The extra mild, soap-free shampoo gently washes and cares for baby’s hair with organic wheat bran, organic calendula and meadow foam seed oil. It gives the fine baby hair a natural, silky shine and makes the hair easy to comb. It is also very well suited for adult’s hair.

TOPFER Organic baby bath


  • Ideal for bath and shower

  • The liquid bran bath is particularly suitable for

    washing and showering.

  • The easy-to-use additive with wheat bran, whey and therapeutic herbal oils contains the same valuable combination of substances as the classic in powder form.

  • Soothestheskinandrelievesskinirritations.

  • With organic wheat bran, organic olive oil and organic milk.

TOPFER Organic hair & body wash


Especially mild and moisturizing

• An especially mild formula that cleanses the whole body and maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle.

• This soap-free hair & body wash is ideal for daily, gentle washing of skin and hair. It moisturizes and gently cares for the skin with organic wheat bran and organic calendula. It is also ideal for adults’ daily shower.

TOPFER Organic body lotion


Scented care for tender skin
• Moisturizes skin deeply, leaves skin soft and


• Babies react intensively to touch. Care is therefore more than just cleansing. The quickly absorbent lotion cares for and protects tender baby skin, for example, with a soft massage after the bath. With organic wheat bran, organic calendula, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil, Shea butter and meadow foam seed oil. Adults also value this body lotion.

TOPFER Organic dry skin balm


Protects against cold, wind and dampness

• Rich nourishing cream for dry, sensitive skin

especially in the cold season.

• Organic Wheat bran, organic calendula and high- quality organic olive oil, organic jojoba and organic almond oil as well as Shea butter and beeswax form a reliable protective film and protect exposed areas of baby’s sensitive skin against cold, wind and dampness. In addition to its protective function, this ointment relieves small irritations of the skin.